Changing Keyboard shortcuts in Cinnamon (Linux Mint)

A quick note about changing keyboard shortcuts. I was trying to delete a keyboard shortcut, because it was getting in the way of one of my applications. In particular: ALT+F7 moves the window in the OS, but I want Intelli-J’s binding to take over (for IntelliJ, ALT+F7 finds all usages of the selected variable). Deleting the keyboard was easy enough, but getting them to register is another story.

Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts
And make whatever add/delete/updates that you want.

But once I did this, the keyboard shortcut wasn’t deleted! So after restarting the machine, everything worked as expected. If restarting the machine is too much for your liking, perhaps you can get away with just logging off and logging back on. Underneath the hood, it’s probably some settings file being sourced. But a restart definitely does the trick.


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